What age is appropriate for the Trent Copeland Cricket Clinics?

Trent recommends participants aged 6-14. The age you indicate on your application should describe the age your child turns this year.

What should I wear?
Just wear comfortable training gear suitable for exercise eg. t-shirt and shorts. You should also pack wet weather gear and something warm (possibly a change of top too) appropriate for weather forecast.

What should I bring?

Trent asks that all participants BYO sunblock, hat, food and drink, wet weather gear.

Is there First aid at every clinic?
First Aid is provided at every Trent Copeland Cricket Clinic.
It is important though that you PLEASE advise us of any illness, injury or condition that may affect your participation so that we are prepared and can alert coaches. And remind your coach on the day of the clinic so that we can make every effort to look after you.
Also, if you come with an pre-existing injury please strap/tape etc before you arrive.

What food should I bring?
You should bring healthy, energy-rich snacks suitable for morning tea and lunch and WATER. We do not provide refreshments for participants, do not provide a canteen and do not allow participants to leave the venue.
NB: We ask that you DO NOT bring any food containing peanuts.
And...we advise that you re-fill your drink bottle several times during the day.

What if I am new to Cricket? What if I’ve never played?
Trent caters for all ability levels. More talented, experienced players are naturally extended within their group by their coach. Similarly, those participants who have never played before are given appropriate instruction in the basic skills and a great introduction to the game.

What happens in the event of wet weather?
Expect the clinic to proceed.
Trent Copeland Cricket Clinics are run mainly indoors, and will only ever be cancelled in the event that conditions are dangerous and no indoor venue is available.
So if conditions are sunny, cold, cloudy, windy, or light showers... we will go ahead.
In the event of potential bad weather and the lack of a suitable indoor venue, Trent may consider re-scheduling the clinic. This decision will be managed on a case by case basis and notification will be made via email and a message left on our website.